Timeline and Horse Photographs.
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Presenting Bjorn, the 9th C. Norwegian Adventurer!
I have finished numerous projects relating to my Regia Anglorium persona, Bjorn. I have hand-stitched 100% wool trousers and a tunic, as well as making turnshoes. My cloak is a black bear skin, but I chose one that is brown, rather than black. It is clasped by a hand-cast brooch shown in one of the other illustrations. I've finished my seax scabbard as well as my spear. I stitched pigskin strips together for puttees, and bought some cast bronze clothing hooks.
Besides Regia, I am also a member of "Les Chevaliers de St. Denys", or the Knights of St. Denys, a 15th C. Burgundian equestrian living history group, as well as the Historic Armed Combat Association, or HACA.
Geoffroi the Norman Chasing Saxons off his fief.
The first page consists of my projects applying to Regia Anglorium. The next will be other, similar projects in later periods. Nothing is for sale.

Some of the projects are specifically for use in Regia Anglorium and are for the review and comment by members concerning appropriateness and authenticity.
Regia projects:
1) The bronze punch work is for my "sharp" Viking sword scabbard and baldric.
2) The Gokstad bed is for the encampment.
3) Feast gear.
4) Belt & pouches.
5) Combat shield.
6) "Dress" shield.
7) Sword & combat seax.
8) Iron work.
9) Woolen tunic.
10) Woolen trousers.
11) Bearskin cape.
12) Spear.

August 13, 2001.

Several Time Periods Are Covered.
In addition to the Viking 9th - 11th C., there are also pictures of my 15th C. Milanese full plate harness, a 15th C. archer's kit, 14th C. transitional, and soon, a 12th C. Norman.

Detail of acid-etched bronze washers on shield.
Viking combat shield has washers made of square bronze plates, acid-etched with a stylized dragon.
On the photo page, there are examples of acid etching. I used a Print Gocco silkscreen transfer to take the designs I had sized previously on a Xerox copier. Asphaltum was used as an acid resist, and copper mordant was used to etch.

More pictures of the shield front and back are on the photo page.

Photo Page Has More Viking Pictures!