Carpentry Projects
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Trestle Table and Six Board Chest.
The Trestle table breaks down into four pieces by
removing two pins and two wedges. It is
constructed of red oak and has a modern stain.
The finish consists of two coats of boiled linseed oil,
followed by one coat of beeswax melted in boiled
linseed oil, followed by lemon oil.

Table and Bench.
Red Oak Trestle Table.
The parts are held together with glue and maple dowels.
Table Broken Down.
Six Board Medieval Chest.

I based my patterns off of the The Mastermyr Tool Chest but added to the ends to make it stand 18" high:

A description of building several types of six board chest can be found here:

This sword was sold to me as being
a 1780's Prussian Cavalry
Officer's sabre.
Iron Hinges and Straps.
I cut the hinges and straps out of 16 guage mild
steel, then pounded them on a rough anvil. I used
a wire wheel to clean the pieces, sanded the
edges, drilled the holes on a drill press, then
shaped the metal over an anvil or a vise. The hinge
pins were cut from iron rod, then peened over on
both ends. Once the pieces were shaped, I sprayed
them with WD40 and tossed them into a fire made
from the oak scraps. After a while, I tossed a
bucket of water over the fire, and wiped them
off. I nailed them onto the chest before I did the
final coat of beeswax/boiled linseed oil. The
nails are iron rivets shaped on a grinder.
It has a wire-wrapped ?sharkskin? grip,
an etched blade and a plated steel
scabbard. The blade is very light
and flexible, but quite capable of a
penetrating thrust.