15th C. Archer's Kit.
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The Wars of the Roses
Here are some pictures of my nearly-finished archer's persona, circ. 1440.

The Kit:
I am wearing a mild steel open-faced salade over a cloth coif. I have on a leather doublet over a St. Louis tunic of linen. The hip boots are worn over woolen one-piece hosen and linen braies. I have a kidney pouch with a dagger stuffed between it and the belt, a long sword, buckler, longbow and arrows.
Preparing To Shoot.
The longbow is lemonwood backed with hickory, and has carved horn nocks. It has no arrow shelf. The wax-lined leather canteen is visible on the right. The arrow bag is visible on the ground, along with one arrow stuck in the ground ready to shoot.
Taking Aim...
The swallow-tail arrow I am holding is hand-forged in England. It has goose fletchings and is self-nocked.
Drawing the Bow.
Here I am enjoying the 55 lb. draw on this bow - shoot the picture dammit!
Looking rather proud, don'tchathink?
Sword & Buckler
The buckler has always been a favorite of archers, but in the mid- to late 15th C., archers were called on to provide long swords, rather than shorter cut & thrust weapons.
I also have a 15th C. crossbow with a 150 lb. draw. I unfortunately don't have the goatsfoot lever for this bow.

Custom page 3 has a picture of the whippe, a cocking mechanism, as well as a halbardier.